“Friends Like This” – Single Review

India McCarty

2020 was the year that all of our social lives died. Everyone was stuck inside, everything was closed and the only way to “see” anyone was through a screen. It was frustrating, to say the least.


Hey Violet’s new song, “Friends Like This,” is all about that frustration. 


“How am I supposed to make friends like this?” lead singer Rena Lovelis whines. “How am I supposed to have fun like this?” Questions we’ve all been asking ourselves for the past year, no doubt. 


The rest of the lyrics list off activities to stave off boredom, from drastic haircuts and calling exes, to taking up golf or starting a cult. 


“‘Friends Like This’ is obviously quarantine-inspired, but the song encapsulates more than just the requirement of self-isolation we’ve all had to endure,” Lovelis told Hollywood Life. “It’s been such a frustrating past year, so we took that feeling of anger and frustration and translated it into the lyrics of ‘Friends Like This.’ What we found most soothing is that, sonically, the sound and mood of the song doesn’t take on the same emotion that the lyrics do. “Friends Like This” is a really fun and bouncy pop song that acted as our relief from all of the pent-up loneliness and lack of human connection we’re all experiencing.”


The group is set to release three EPs this year, which will eventually be consolidated to form an LP – their first since 2017. 


Check out “Friends Like This” here!