Homemade Sessions Highlights: Top Hip-Hop Performances

There is an abundance of underground talent that does not always get the attention it deserves. Traklife saw that issue and created a solution called Homemade Sessions, our Instagram artist showcase series. This series uncovers some of the most exciting emerging talent bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6PM PST on @thisistraklife.

Since starting this series about a year ago, we’ve featured over 75 artists from all over the world and various genres. In this article I’m going to dive a little deeper and discuss my top 5 favorite hip-hop performances on Homemade Sessions. This is all my opinion, and I encourage you to watch some of the past episodes to find your favorites!

As an avid hip-hop fan I’ve spent much of my time with my friends debating on the best rappers in the game. From Kanye to J. Cole, Kendrick to Drake, everyone has their own opinions and reasons why their favorite rapper is the best.

I applied the same logic as I searched through Traklife’s past Homemade Sessions to determine which artists I would rank in the top 5 performances. While keeping in mind that my perspective may vary from others, I tried to evaluate these artists by three main criteria: lyricism/rhymes, flow, and subject matter/message. After watching each performance, I have determined from 5th to 1st: NeenoSky, Destruct, Mark W., Creed Chameleon, and Archduke Redcat.

#5 NeenoSky

Coming in at number five, NeenoSky, raised in Ghana and the Bronx but living in Minneapolis, brings together Afrobeats vibes and hip-hop wording to create an addictive sound guaranteed to get your head bobbing and your hips swaying. Featured on episode 7 of Homemade Sessions, his performance made me feel like I was at a concert as the reverb was amplified in the room. His song “Bestie” highlights his vocal range and attention to pitch. I chose NeenoSky as one of the top five due to his addictive flow, and fun party vibes lyric-wise. The subject matter was also fun and playful. All in all, NeenoSky has turned me on to Afrobeats that I can’t wait to share with my friends.

#4 Destruct

Number four on the list is Destruct performing Nightmares/Dos(e). Destruct is from LA and brings old school vibes together with some Cudi sounding background vocals. He was featured on episode 13 of Homemade Sessions and his production level is nothing to scoff at. The performance itself is quite intimate and made me feel like I was in a conversation with Destruct himself. The trippy vocals and dark effects create a feeling of tension while I listen that I can’t take my ears away from. His lyricism is off the charts and the crazy words he used combined with dark imagery really paints the picture that he is trying to produce. Additionally, Destructs flow is unique and dynamic. Overall, Destruct gets two thumbs up from me and I will definitely be adding him to some of my playlists.

#3 Mark W.

Next up at number 3 is Mark W. A Traklife fan-favorite, original team member, and frequent collaborator, Mark W. has a confidence that is unmatched while he performs. Hailing from Inglewood, California he performs “Might Be a Problem,” on Homemade Session #5 with a mix of aggressive rap and vocals with perfect pitch. The performance itself has hints of gospel shouts, vibes like Jason Derulo and Chris Brown and grungy guitar licks. I love this performance mostly because of the flow and the rhymes; with one line standing out in particular “chasing after more ben-jamins.” There is an undeniable emotional honesty coming from Mark W. that you can see in his expressions as he’s in front of the mic. This is part of the reason I am so drawn to him and why I think he’s up next. If there’s anything listeners these days enjoy, it’s honesty, and it seems like Mark W. has that in bulk.

#2 Creed Chameleon

My penultimate pick is Creed Chameleon. Featured on episode 14 and from Waipahu, Hawaii, he is able to make the smoothest vibes. The beat makes you feel like you are driving on the coast with the breeze in your hair. The performance of his song “Laid Back” is both lyrically and rhythmically focused in a way that weaves back and forth like the tides of the ocean. From moment to moment, he lets the beat take over and then lets out rhyme after rhyme after rhyme. Interestingly enough, I get Eminem vibes from him lyrically with chill lo-fi beats in the background. The production quality of this performance ties it together with a dope background and cool shots from the camera, mimicking the push and pull of the waves. The way this song allowed me to vividly daydream about a different environment is the main reason I placed this performance at number 2. Keep a lookout for future releases from Creed Chameleon. I can sense he’ll be in the limelight soon.

#1 Archduke Redcat

And finally the top spot in my picks for best Homemade Sessions hip-hop performances goes to Archduke Redcat and his song “Flex No More” from Homemade Sessions #7. From Bronx, NY, the passion and drive I see from this artist is unmatched and I can sense the feeling of raw talent and that special ear that all the big guys on the charts seem to have. The choice of beat combined with his flow makes Archduke Redcat a powerhouse. The vibes I get from him are Trippie Redd, summer, and funky. I can’t seem to get that hook “I don’t wanna flex no more” out of my head. Archduke Redcat mixes all three elements of the perfect hip-hop song together while bringing elements of disco, funk, and pop. I am definitely giving this artist a further listen and am adding his repertoire to my playlists as we speak.

Now it’s your turn to dive into our Homemade Sessions series and discover your new favorite emerging artists!