Homemade Sessions: The Leading Way to Discover Emerging Talent


Discovering and promoting music in our digital age can be overwhelming and challenging. There are a multitude of platforms dedicated to promoting artists and their music all over social media and the internet. The never-ending availability of media overwhelms emerging talent and music promoters. Artists don’t know who to contact, and music lovers don’t know where to find new artists.


In an effort to focus the search for new music and provide artists an opportunity for promotion, Traklife Media established Homemade Sessions, a bi-weekly Instagram TV series that features 6 artists from a range of genres and countries. Hosted by some of Traklife’s original team members like Mark W., Homemade Sessions provides emerging artists an opportunity to promote their music and grow their fan base.


As “one of the only artist showcases right in your pocket,” the show’s consistent schedule makes it easy for listeners to find new artists without feeling overwhelmed by the endless outlets dedicated to artist discovery.


The pre-recorded performances give viewers the chance to interact with the artists during the livestream premier. Watching live is the best way to connect with a potential new favorite artist, and allows the featured artists to connect with each other! For artists, connecting with viewers during the livestream is a great way to build a supportive following.


Aside from the performances, Homemade Sessions gives viewers insight into the background of each artist as well as information about each song performed. Artists featured on the show have represented countries like Australia, Ghana, and even Brunei, as well as genres like R&B, pop, and experimental among others. Previously-featured artists include American Idol top-12 contestant Beane, emerging indie rock band Juniper, and rapidly growing German pop rap artist Jan Metternich.


Considered some of the show’s highlights, Felium’s performances on episodes 9 and 13 were the first EDM performances to take place on Homemade Sessions. Other highlights include Garrett Fogg’s goosebump-inducing performance on episode 10 and Traklife team member Mark W’s major-label quality performance on episode 5.


To be featured, artists can reach out to hannah@traklife.com. Viewers can join the livestream every other week on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST on Traklife’s Instagram, @thisistraklife. If you miss the live, you can catch the episode on IGTV the next day. Come show your support and discover your new favorite emerging artists!

Tune in to Traklife’s Instagram for the next episode of Homemade Sessions this Wednesday, May 26th to support six talented emerging artists!

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