Iconic TV Show Theme Songs

Madison Hunt

TV show theme songs have been infiltrated within older generations, they pinpoint a statement in time that so many can relate back to. 


I was watching Disney+ with two of my best friends, trying to get into the ’spooky’ spirit we wanted to watch Halloween themed tv episodes. First up was, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and it was so natural to sing along to the theme song.

Even after being off the air for over a decade, it’s like no time passed. “We got the whole place to ourselves/  You and me we got it all for free” it just rolled off the tongue. And as we got into our little marathon, That’s So Raven came on next.

We all know this iconic intro, especially when Eddie begins to rap;

“Hey, now

What ya say, now

‘Bout to put it down

Yeah you want to ride with the Rae now

And the Future looks great, now

And everything’s gonna change, now

Let’s Rock

Here we go”

It took me back to a time where the world seemed so simple. You would rush home from school, get all your homework done just so you could be ready at seven for it to pop up on your screen, and then get disappointed as those 30 minutes left you wanting more. 


But looking back major theme songs could pinpoint an age of music, whether it be old school hip-hop, new industry pop, or maybe even the sentimental sounds of the 80’s. Either way all these songs tell the journey and influence music had within television. 


Here are just some of the few classics that everyone can sing along too.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song

Phineas and Ferb Theme Song

Proud Family Theme Song

Full House Theme Song

Sister Sister Theme Song