If you like this artist…. listen to this artist!

Sarah Stukalin

There is no doubt that some of the greatest artists in music right now will be solidified in eternity, and there is also no doubt they have a following of aspiring artists looking to them for inspiration. And for those who are looking for smaller artists to support who remind them of their more mainstream favorites, look no further! Here are some smaller artists who are definitely inspired by the greats.

Like Lady Gaga? Listen to Rina Sawayama

If you’re looking for someone who has Lady Gaga‘s eclectic and dgaf vibe, listen to Rina Sawayama. The Japanese-British singer is breaking into the industry in full force, and it was even announced she will have a titular role in the latest John Wick film. Sawayama blends genres, incorporating pop, R&B, metal, and club synth into her music. In 2020 she released her critically acclaimed debut album SAWAYAMA, and it appears to be just the beginning.

Like Miley Cyrus? Listen to Kelsy Karter

If you’re looking for someone who has Miley Cyrus‘s unapologetic rock vibe and unique vocals, listen to Kelsy Karter. The New Zealand singer gained fame when she tattooed Harry Styles on her face, but she didn’t stop there. In 2020 Karter released Missing Person, a vulnerable, original, and unskippable album that would make Miley Cyrus proud. Karter is taking rock by storm, as her lyrics are not only incredibly beautiful, but they are vulnerable and honest accompanied by a hard rock sound that is hard for many artists to perfect.

Like Megan Thee Stallion? Listen to City Girls 

If you’re looking for someone who has Megan Thee Stallion‘s female dominance and smart lyrics, listen to City Girls. The Florida rap duo consists of Yung Miami and JT, and they are ruling the rap game right now. Many of the duo’s songs are trending dances on Tik Tok, and with the recent release of their hit single “Twerkulator,” their danceable and fun vibe is sure to launch them to stardom.