Three Independent Unsigned Artists You Need to Know

Hannah Gershowitz

There are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of small independent artists that you’ve never heard of.

Tons that are just as talented, if not more talented than mainstream musicians, and work just as hard, if not harder. The music marketplace and social media are extremely oversaturated and unfortunately, you will only discover an extremely small percentage of these artists in your lifetime.

These artists simply lack the resources that signed artists have available through their label. There are so many musicians that, if given these resources, could be just as successful as the big-name musicians out there. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite emerging artists to hopefully inspire you to dig more into independent music!

Jan Metternich


19 year old Jan Metternich from Germany brought us some of the most innovative music of 2020. We saw a lot of genre-blending music coming out of 2020 and Jan successfully contributed to that. His single “Wrong” put him on the map, hitting over 1 million streams on Spotify. His pop hip-hop sound presents emotional lyricism and vocals on top of bass heavy hip-hop beats. He also mixes in elements of rock and pop within the production. Jan creates every aspect of his music, from the lyrics and vocals to the production and mastering. His 11k followers on Instagram prove the strength of the connection he’s creating with his listeners. Jan Metternich is one of the most exciting artists on the rise due to his ability to connect with listeners so strongly through his lyrics and raw emotional vocals.

For Fans Of: Joji, Juice WRLD, Nate Leblanc

Winter Park

Germany / Orlando, FL

Winter Park is a true creative. He is a multi-talented musician, producing every aspect of his indie and alternative rock blend with strong punk influences. His music goes anywhere from string-heavy alternative rock in “Monastery” that truly just wants to make you rock out, to feel good indie rock pop in “Do What I Want.” As if his music isn’t cool enough, he creates astonishing music videos to go along with them. Check out his videos for “Monastery” and “Inside Out.” Winter Park is easily the most underrated and talented artists coming out of 2020. Talent that will not be able to stay hidden for long, so don’t let this artist pass you by! Make sure to follow Winter Park on Instagram.

For Fans Of: Sub Urban, grandson, Oliver Tree


Spain / Hoboken, NJ

Felium is a 20 y/o electronic producer and DJ from Spain, living in Hoboken, NJ. A true creative that is able to cross lines into all different electronic genres, Felium proves this throughout his discography and remixes. This ability pushes him even outside of the electronic world, producing alternative pop tracks that are not yet released. His newest release, “LYMF (Let Your Mind Float)” released under Blanco Y Negro presents a perfect balance between vocals and production, with atmospheric elements, vocal layering, and heavy bass throughout making the track roar with power. The lyric video for this song has already received over 12k views on YouTube within 4 days. His 2019 track, “Lights Out” reached over 40k streams. Something that makes Felium stand out as a small artist is his engagement and strategic content on social media.

For Fans Of: Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Kygo

I hope this inspires you to dig deeper for music and not just stick with what is popular. There are so many artists working so hard and putting out such high-quality music that don’t receive the credit they truly deserve. Show some support to independent artists, whether it is listening to their music, following them on social media, sharing or commenting on their posts, sending their music to a friend, or even buying merchandise. Any little thing helps and encourages them to keep creating!

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