International Nova Teams Up With Bone Crusher On Hit Track “Turnt Up”

“Turnt Up” by New York native International Nova is a dope track that delivers lyrically, over a beat that’s designed for club spins.  With the help of hip-hop legend Bone Crusher, the track is self-explanatory, but the reason behind this explosive hit is more rooted.

“I try to remain authentic to where I come from. I come from New York. I come from Hip Hop.” Nova said in an interview at The Soul Vibe Show.

“I didn’t want to do the typical thing of moving down to Atlanta and start making trap records.” he said.  “I wanted to respect where I come from, but also show love and respect to where I’m at.”

Nova is continuously working and making a name for himself, and most recently ended his Los Angeles Calif. press run. To hear “Turnt Up”, click the link below and tell us what you think!