Cameron DeFaria

“No soap radio” is a form of practical joke and an example of surreal comedy. The joke is a prank whereby the punch line has no relation to the body of the joke; but participants in the prank pretend otherwise”

“What does ‘No Soap Radio mean?”


Now-20-year-old USC student Elan Bia points to a giant cardboard sign marked with a Sharpie on his freshman roommate Rory Sever’s desk. Rory responds with the above information, adding “It’s just a term from high school that I came to learn and like”. Resting his head back down on his pillow, Bia began connecting the dots with respect to his aspirations in film, creative direction, artist development, playlist curation, and more. 


No Soap began as a niche community whose aim was to simply “share under-appreciated music” in a modern music culture overshadowed by data-mining algorithms and mainstream radio. Bia began dedicating countless hours toward developing a brand that was multilateral; a brand that fans and spectators were equally a part of. Basically, there was room for everyone behind the register.


No Soap’s weekly playlists began attracting lots of engagement on USC’s campus, prompting Bia to take a more interactive step toward involving his community – “Submission Saturdays”. No matter who you were or where you came from, everyone was invited to partake in this weekly Instagram Live event. Rappers, poets, producers, instrumentalists, visionaries – all were invited to share their voices.


The response was exceptional for such a brand new venture; the No Soap team began making connections with creatives across the country whose talents and ambitions largely flew under the radar. Bia did not let these new relationships dwindle; in fact, he built on them and currently has plans to provide some of his favorite finds all that No Soap has to offer. 

To that end, Bia is currently in New York this week shooting a video for NYC-based hip-hop artist “WolfaceJoeyy”. Plans to shoot for other No Soap finds, including “Sony Dinero” and college basketball player-turned rapper “Step” , are underway. You can find what No Soap is listening to by visiting their consistently updated Spotify Playlist. E-mail with original song submissions and, who knows, maybe you’ll end up on the official Submission Saturday Playlist.

“Sanitize the Youth” is the company’s slogan, and although its meaning may be up for interpretation, I like to see it as a call to action to enlighten young music consumers that good music exists beyond what major labels put in front of them.


Somewhere between the likes of VICE and Complex, No Soap is quickly becoming a groundbreaking one-stop-shop for detecting and developing cultural shifts in music and media. Be sure to visit the company website, and check out one of No Soap’s most recent music videos featuring Zack Bia & Field Trip Recordings’ very own SSGKobe – one of Complex’s “Rappers to Watch in 2021”, below.