J.Badd’s “Lets Talk About It” is Something to Talk About

Hazzle Joy

To me, it’s always exciting to see female artists just pull up and show out, steady representin’! Long Island, New York native J.Badd sure and did her thing in her latest music video, “LETS TALK ABOUT IT” as she raps about how she clearly has the swag, came up from nothing, and has a ride-or-die man (Shiggy, in case you didn’t know) who takes her on extravagant trips. She absolutely murders the beats she raps over with a “hard” approach exuding the confidence every woman wish they had (no, just me?). She has a unique voice, curves for days, with a “tough” and badd ass vibe. Can we say no effs given? Looking forward to hearing more music from her. Excuse me while I add this track to my workout playlist. In the mean time, peep her video, “LETS TALK ABOUT IT” below. Keep the bars comin’, J.Badd!

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