“Jackie Onassis” – Single Review

India McCarty

I am a proud Spotify user. I have many friends who have tried to get me to switch over to Apple Music, tempting me with exclusive drops, better sound quality, and a more navigable lay-out. No dice. Spotify ‘til I die.

Why, you might ask? For moments like the one last week, where I discovered a song I am now almost physically incapable of not listening to every 30 minutes. 

“Jackie Onassis” is a single off Sammy Rae & The Friends‘ 2021 EP Let’s Throw a Party. A single that I probably never would have heard, without the help of a Spotify recommendation. 

The track just sounds like summer, with a shimmering intro that gradually builds into a full horn section and lead singer Sammy Rae’s full-voiced plea to “look at that lady!”

The lyrics detail the singer’s experience with their first love, a girl who was “just like Jackie Onassis.” The song is full of those little details that make you want to listen to a song over and over again and find your own story within the lyrics.

However, first loves – and really good songs – must all come to an end. “And I got my rose pink tinted glasses // and they fit me just fine // and I’ll let it go,” Rae muses, before launching back into the refrain.

It’s already my song of the summer (even though the EP came out in January), and for that, Spotify, I salute you. 

Check out “Jackie Onassis” here!