JAGUAR Album Review: Victoria Monét Has Officially Arrived!

Madison Hunt

Victoria Monét is one of the most underrated voices in the industry, but her latest album makes sure you know exactly who she is.


Monét released her latest album, JAGUAR, a 26-minute project featuring some of her daring singles; Dive, A** Like That, and Moment.


Her sensuality is riveting throughout this piece. Monét ties sex, love, and confidence into one. This is what’s specifically special about Monét; she never downplays her own experiences, while giving her listeners the confidence to do the same.


The album starts with this single lyric, “I got a feeling that you brought me to you.”

The Burlesque audio behind the lyrics gives us a soft, sensual ambiance that travels into a more robust climax. Monét has always been crafty when describing her sexual fantasies. 

“Promise I’ma make it rain for you/Something like an ocean wave on you/If you let me open up to you/Kiss below the line”

Her lyrics in, Dive, sway the lines of vulgarity and honesty. Which is something she highlights throughout this album. The naturalness of healthy sexual desires, she diminishes the surface-level standards of femininity, that empowers the everyday woman. 


This small ode to 90’s R&B, Monét shows us a more relaxed side to her in We Might Even Be Falling In Love (Interlude). It’s a great transition into Jaguar, as the soft tempo feeds right into the chorus echo that begins the song. 

Jaguar- Victoria Monét

Jaguar is one of the strongest songs on the album, production-wise. Because it gives you the perfect blend of futuristic texture, leading into the upbeat tempo jazz sound that the industry has been missing. 


The audio from a simple high-hat has been slowly depreciated within the industry, but its effect along with her tight beat is something that anyone can dance too. Monét’ play to make it all about the instruments helped not only break up her album but also move it forward so the listener could still be enticed. 

Her single with Khalid and S.G. LEWIS, Experience, just continued the futuristic texture the listener previously heard. Khalid and Monét play off each other in this song, while individualizing their own voices. 

Victoria Monét - Experience (Lyric Video) (with Khalid & SG Lewis)

When single Ass Like That, everyone knew it was going to be a vibe. Having it be one of the closing songs of the album was vital. But the last two songs Go There With You and Touch Me round out this album sequentially. 


Touch Me is a statement piece. As the final song, her experiences with a woman are subtlety described in the most endearing way. The experience she had in a car was monumental to the point of love, and it’s supposedly about an R&B singer we all love from the Bay.


Either way, Monét made a striking appearance in an industry that still doesn’t give her recognition. But JAGUAR is a piece that everyone will be talking about as the summer comes to a close. A real depiction of a true artist who uniquely takes a single concept and makes it her own.