Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Lost One’ Speaks to the Lonely-Hearted

Madison Hunt

Jazmine Sullivan released her latest single, Lost One, and she knew exactly what she was doing. 


In a time where the world feels at a standstill, there’s plenty of space and opportunity to reflect and ponder over one’s decisions. Especially when it comes to love. 


Wondering if letting go of someone was the right decision, or reeling over if you should send that late night text message, “I miss you.” We’ve all been there, and it doesn’t help that she released it at midnight right before the weekend.


2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions, good and the bad, but music has been the center of keeping the world afloat. Sullivan was just the serenity we all needed, a time for her to come out of the ashes. 


She hasn’t released anything since 2017’s  Insecure ft. Bryson Tiller, and we’ve been waiting. But this was the perfect reckoning as she takes on a more gentle side centering in on true feelings and emotions. Her lyrics are honest, deep, and true. 

“You know when you lost one

A good one, you know when you lost one

You go out and fuck different people to cope and ignore all precautions

You drink and you drink and get faded, you feel like that’s your only options”

When we look at the scope of this song, its for the brokenhearted. Someone lost in the idea of never being able to be with the one you want but also accepting that it’s someone you could never have again.

“And if it’s too late I understand

Sometimes it’s too late to make amends

Just hear me out before you let it go

There is one thing I need for you to know

Just don’t have too much fun without me

Don’t have too much, don’t have too much fun

Please don’t forget about me

Try not to love no one”

But it’s also more than that. Sullivan does her best work in all aspects, but specifically when love is its center. This single isn’t complicated, it speaks volumes in its simplicity. “Please don’t forget about me, Try not to love no one.”


Very straight forward, but the depth is behind its vulnerability. How two simple sentences could really make or break someone’s heart. And because it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, it makes it easier for the listener to interpret. 


Interpret the pain behind the lyrics. Understanding one’s actions have left someone to move on without the other, and on the other hand, someone still being so in love that there still holding on to the idea of what “could be.” Never willing to accept what actually is. 


Sullivan has always been an all-around artist, vocally and lyrically, she’s always been an artist to watch. She can take something simple, and turn it into a masterpiece. And Lost One is just one in a long list of classics she’s given us along the years. 

Check Out Jazmine Sullivan’s latest single, Lost One, here: