Joyner Lucas’ and Ashanti display the perfect story of a Toxic Relationship

Madison Hunt

In his latest video, Joyner Lucas and Ashanti, have this natural chemistry that brings the song to life. 


Joyner Lucas started on the scene with nothing but raw, unconcealed lyrics. Pushing conversations in the rap industry, examining the real realities of racism, depression, and love. And Ashanti being a veteran within the industry, these were a unique match to pair, but their chemistry is undeniable.

Their latest single, Fall Slowly, examines the real realities of a toxic relationship. Accepting the love we think we deserve, even though it may be the worst kind. 


It’s what makes this song so relatable, the “wrong” kind of love is more attainable than the right one. Lucas and Ashanti image this perfectly within their latest video. It’s mutual destruction waiting to happen, and the scene follows this toxic story. 


Ashanti and Lucas begin the video, happy and filled with life, as they start this continuous cycle over. In love, happy and free with no care in the world, the idea is ‘Us Against The World.’ What’s most important is that Lucas’ lyrics frame this idea perfectly. 

“I love you more than I love myself/

If I weren’t with you I can’t picture me with someone else/

And every time we separate it’s like we under spells/

‘Cause when we hurt each other we come back to help each other heal/

You say I’m crazy, but at least you know my love is real/

But shit, you crazy too, and that’s why they say love is hell/

And it’s forever, so I hope you never up and bail”

As the video progresses, you see the little things that start to become bigger issues, still they’re both distracted by the idea of their love. The little bickering between these two characters doesn’t mean much, because they’re blinded by the idea of not being able to live without each other. I never understood love or what it truly is, until I met you /  Now we just inseparable until we trip (Yeah).”

“And as much as I need you, deep down I know I’m bad for you /

You know I’m bad for you (Bad for you, bad for you)” 


“Whenever things get bad, it never seems like it’s worth it /

It’s like we’re drowin’ really fast until we get back to the surface”

These lyrics follow the period when the world starts to get in the way. Ashanti’s character starts looking through Luca’s phone and comes to find something that creates an argument, which starts to break the relationship down even further.


 As their insecurities start to come out, it’s a fight that never seems to stop. Until it blows up in both of their faces, leading to Lucas’s character getting arrested. 


But an unimaginable twist is when Ashanti takes a pregnancy test, left with no other option to stay down with the man that she loves. And this cycle continues…. 


“And every time we separate it’s like we under spells/ ‘Cause when we hurt each other we come back to help each other heal.”

Check out the latest video for Fall Slowly here!