July’s Music Came With a Vengeance

Madison Hunt

Reaching the halfway point of 2020, the world has every right to question how the rest of the year will go. Given the heaviness that coursed through during the month of June, it’s sometimes been difficult to keep the spirit highs. But July came back with a vengeance. 


The music industry has seen a vast amount of music sprouted out as if the industry is finally seeing the “light.” Artists like Summer Walker, Sinead Harnett, Lute, and more all released their latest music.  


With the industry on a high with all the latest music, there’s a much needed music rejuvenation. And these are some of the latest singles that everyone should be talking about: 


Lute released his latest single, “Life”, on his birthday, giving us the much-needed direction as we all figure out the world around us. Signed to Dreamville Records, he resonates with most audiences because his lyrics stem from a sincere and genuine space. This single talks about his own personal struggles, handling life, and all the pressure that aligns with that. It’s an uplifting song, that speaks to the ordinary person.


“Life gets so crazy/ But I can’t turn my back right now.”



Sinead Harnett, Van Jess, and Masego have created the perfect fusion of their voices on ‘Stickin‘. The steady, vibrant tempo gives you those summer feels, a song that you’ll be able to bump all summer long. Given that each artist has their own individual sound, they blend naturally. All catering to their unique style, the song gets better as one artist goes to the next.



‘Sun Will Find You’ by Gabrielle Current is the soft, gentle vibe we’ve needed. Current’s voice isn’t the typical sound we’ve seen in the industry thus far, she measures in her lyrics. She can take something as simple as a generic phrase, and turn it into a positive affirmation over a euphoric beat. She transcends in this album as she breaks the simplest barriers by creating an angelic sound that resonates inner peace and tranquility.



KATRYNADA and Lucky Daye bring a psychedelic groove with latest single, “Look Easy.” This collaboration is one that most were surprised, but eager to listen to. Daye’s filling, soulful voice broke down barriers with his debut album, and then deluxe album featuring the iconic Babyface in “Shoulda.” With the help of KATRYNADA he has now infiltrated an entirely new genre of music diving into the flexible, unique texture that KATRYNADA brings with every collab.


What’s most satisfying that this is just the start of the month, and with singles like this, the pressure to deliver has never been greater! And I think I can speak for everyone, that we’re excited and ready to listen.