Kanye Sues Summer Intern for $500K

Cameron DeFaria

Mr. West is no stranger to courtroom collisions, but in this case he and his three-billion dollar fashion brand are suing one of Yeezy’s former summer interns.


The contract-breaching individual has been identified as New York-based, Ryan Inwards. Inwards took to his personal Instagram account to post content barred by a $500,000 liquidated damages provision set forth in the Non-Disclosure Agreement that Inwards had willingly signed prior to his internship (this alleged by a complaint filed last Friday in L.A. County Superior Court).


Inwards made no effort to remove the company images even after Yeezy issued several cease-and-desist letters, exacerbating the tensions between the intern and multi-billion dollar clothing empire. At this time it appears that no remnants of the classified images can be found online, as Inwards’ Instagram account, and even his Twitter has been found to be set to private with zero photos uploaded and zero followed profiles.


The company is not only seeking the $500,000 in liquidated damages as a result of the contract breach but is also aiming for punitive measures to be taken against Mr. Inwards, as well as an injunction that would enforce him to turn over the infringing content.


The “Runaway” artist had settled a couple of copyright cases back in 2020 with EMI Music Publishing and another “out-of-court” case regarding the infringing use of the “Ultralight Beam” sample. Apparently, when it’s not litigation against Kanye for his misuse of copyrighted samples, it’s litigation from Kanye against an intern.


Hence, the music business.