where’d all my wild things go – EP Review

India McCarty

Indie-pop up and comer kate the dreamer – real name: Katie Donnelly – just released her debut EP where’d all my wild things go?, and it’s an excellent introduction to who the artist is and what makes her unique. 


The songs follow kate’s journey as she grows up and figures out who she is; something we can all relate to. Kate has been working on this music since 2020, collaborating with artists like OSTON and JORDY, and writers like Kevin Garrett (Beyoncé, BANKS) and Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, ASHE). 


On tracks like “Call U When I Land” and “Something Better,” kate explores how following your dreams can come with a price, and how to live with the choices you make. Those feelings can be summed up in the opening track “Even If (Intro),” with kate singing, “Even if she’s the one makes you happy now // did you mention the life that we dreamed about?” It perfectly describes the feeling of knowing you made the right choice to leave – whether that’s a place, a job, or a person – but still wondering about what you might have given up when you did. 


Speaking about the project, kate shared, “This EP was inspired by growing up and losing that sense of childhood wonder. This is a collection of songs about where I am and where I’m going, and how each year in your twenties is an opportunity to grow and change. There’s something so beautiful about that process – the ups and downs with love, relationships, family, music, happiness, and everything in between. It captures moments in time that impacted me and helped create who I am today.”


She continued, “where’d all my wild things go? speaks directly on those moments where we ask ourselves, “When do we lose our sense of wonder? Playing make-believe? The joy that comes with blissful ignorance of a child?”. It guides the listener through growth, pain, and happiness all at once. I hope it helps give you the same sense of peace it has given me.”


Check out where’d all my wild things go? here!