“lovely” – Single Review

India McCarty

kate the dreamer is back with more music! “lovely” is her third single of the year. 


The song explores the discomfort and instability of growing up. From shifting relationships to moving somewhere new, your 20s are about figuring out who you are – which is no easy task. 


The artist sums up this feeling in the bridge of the song: “Out of this world is where I belong.” Haven’t we all felt like that at one point or another?


In a statement released with the song, kate the dreamer said, “‘lovely’ is one of the hardest songs for me to release so far. It’s an honest reflection of how I feel, right now, in this moment. It has no happy or sad ending – it is simply just a testament of my truth. It’s how growing up feels to me.”


She continued, “My hope is that this song helps anyone who feels a little bit lost when it comes to growth. This song allowed me to throw the struggles of my mind into space. The process of growth is wildy uncomfortable most days, and ‘lovely’ is a reminder that you’re never alone in that process.”


The track was preceded by singles “call u when i land” and “i don’t wanna know you anymore.” It will also feature on her upcoming EP. 


Check out “lovely” here!