“Call U When I Land” – Single Review

India McCarty

Transitioning to new stages of life can be tough, no matter what you’re doing, where you’re going, or who you have in your corner. 


Up and coming artist kate the dreamer knows that all too well. She just dropped “Call U When I Land,” a song about chasing your dreams when no one understands.


The song’s concept comes from Kate’s own life. She told a family member about her plans to move to LA and pursue a career in music. This family member had always wanted her to use her college degree to join corporate America and climb the ladder. Kate has other plans. 


The song is all about being the bigger person, even when it’s hard. “All I want is you to be proud // ‘cause this is who you raised,” she pleads, before taking a stand: “And I know what you think, but this isn’t your dream // Yeah, I understand, call you when I land.”


In a press release, she shared, “This is a song about the tough conversations, the ones that sting, the ones that you hold onto for years, the ones that fuel your fire. It’s about coming of age, and recognizing how to be the bigger person, even if that’s with your own parents.”


She continues, “This song was one of the more challenging ones I’ve written. It came from a tough conversation with someone who I thought would never tell me my dreams were impossible. It is a reminder that the career path I’ve chosen isn’t always an easy one and that not everyone is going to understand it.”


The song’s production brings to mind other pop artists like Maggie Rogers and Gracie Abrams. I’m excited to hear more from kate the dreamer and I don’t have long to wait; her debut EP is set to drop late this year. 


Check out “Call U When I Land” here!