Kehlani – “Already Won”

This is the era of surprise drops! Grammy and BET Nominated Singer Kehlani dropped her latest track, “Already Won,” produced by Milli Beatz, just a moment ago. And the surprise doesn’t stop there. The Oakland singer hits us with a fire rap verse that completely ties the whole song together. Her sound has so much golden era R&B vibes with the lyrical content to keep it fresh.

“..But you can’t put a worth up on my art. That’s my story, that’s my heart, that’s my soul. Fuck the fame. Keep the glory…” – Kehlani (rap verse)

What makes her a fan favorite is that she’s always speaking about that real real. In this track she talks about her career come-up and feels that she’s already won because she remains humble in her success. It’s hard to ignore that every track she puts out is an absolute banger. Keep them comin’ Kehlani, you’ve definitely already won in our book!


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