Legless Bboy Zulu Rema Raises Money for New Prosthetic Legs


Traklife takes great pride in embracing creative communities all around the world. With music being one of the obvious common grounds for both the Traklife team and its supporters, it’s only fitting that this dancer’s very interesting and inspiring story is shared.

Photo Courtesy of Zulu’s Official Facebook page.

I stumbled on this while scrolling through my Facebook timeline feed, a DJ by the name of Ervin Arana (a Traklife friend and a past guest of The Layover Show) posted a video of a bboy with no legs. He shared the video that was featured on @Ouch.BBC with an explanation stating that Rema’s hip-hop community was extremely supportive after his camera was stolen while he was on a trip. To pay it forward, Arana shared Rema’s GoFundMe page in efforts to raise money for new prosthetic legs.

Emeer Guesmi, best known as “Zulu Rema,” is a 16-year-old Bboy from a town called Hammam Zriba located in northern Tunisia Zaghwan (north Africa). At only 2-years-old he was diagnosed with a very rare medical condition and doctors concluded that the solution was to amputate both of his legs. With his story going viral, a man by the name of Chris Wrights residing in San Diego, California reached out to Rema asking if he can help him raise money for new prosthetic legs. Wright’s GoFundMe page describes himself as, “..globally known as Cros One organizers of the event Freestyle Session, which is one of the biggest BBoy/Bgirl Events in the USA and World.”

I never thought breakin’ was easy and yet, I cannot imagine the challenges Rema faces while dancing with no legs. Regardless, his determination and enthusiasm for HipHop and breakdancing perfectly exemplifies what I think HipHop truly means. HipHop to me is a community that embraces all those whom possess a passion for its music and artistic expressions. Furthermore, HipHop culture is often used as an outlet to bring peace to the soul when one tries to find meaning in the brutal realities of society.

It’s so inspiring to see people like Rema go after their dreams no matter the circumstances they are placed on in life. To learn more and donate to his cause head over to GoFundMe.

Wishing you well and all the best, Zulu!

Photos courtesy of GoFundMe page and his official Facebook page. Video courtesy of @Ouch.BBC.
The writer of this article and Traklife has no direct affiliation with Zulu Rema, Chris Wrights, or @Ouch.BBC and receives no compensation of any type for sharing this story.