Levina Lye Talks Growth, “More of Me” Album & Gives Advice To Women Breaking Into The Music Business

Nadia Worsley

Levina Lye has been working hard since she dropped her last album, Pieces of Me. She’s definitely been on beast mode to secure her spot in the music industry. Her breakout singles, “Fade Away,” “Abandoned,” and “Fall” created a buzz in the U.S. back in 2014. “Levina Lye gives you the most intimate pieces of her life through her music and the feelings are paramount in every delicately maneuvered octave…” said one of the top urban blog sites, AllHipHop.com. Miss Lye recently released her latest single, Your Songfrom her forthcoming EP More of Me. If you take the time to listen to her last album, Pieces of Me, and compare it to her newest album, More of Me, you can tell she has matured as an artist/singer/songwriter.

I got a chance to interview this talented artist and we talked about growth, More of Me and she even gave some advice to women who are breaking into the music business.

Who is Levina Lye?

Levina Lye is human. I never want people to lose sight of the fact that I feel and go through hardships like everyone else. Levina Lye is my truth. I’m often not able to come out and say exactly how I feel without being judged or labeled. It’s frustrating and disappointing but the one place that I can always say how I feel is in my music. No matter how blunt, embarrassing, dramatic, confusing or strange it might be, it’s just me.

How would you describe the style of your music.

My style of music is RARE. I am so musically eclectic that some days I’m not sure exactly what my lane  is but I love it. I love being free to create what genuinely comes from the heart. I won’t even finish writing a song if I don’t connect and I can’t even begin to write a song unless I really feel it. Truthfully, I’m really just a poet who happens to know how to sing.

If you had to describe your music only using 5 words, what would they be?

Genuine, deep, authentic, eclectic , and honest.

Your EP, “More of Me” shows growth from your previous EP, “Pieces of Me”. What did you do differently this time around? 

To be honest I lived. Better yet life happened to me. Things got extremely real for me at certain points, I had wake up calls and reality checks. I had my heart broken, I lost my Grandma, I lost my best friend Butter Cup who happens to be a cat (and yes I am an extreme cat lover). I went through real life and really at some points felt extremely alone and isolated so I turned to writing. I turned to music. The one thing that always saves my life and keeps me going.

You’ve recently released your latest single, “Your Song” from your forthcoming EP, More or Me. What was the process like making that song?

“Your Song” actually just really poured out of me. It was kind of strange in a way, I was surprised how fast the words came. I was obsessed with the melody right off the back and I knew it would be one of those songs that people could relate to. After my recording session, the engineer and I just looked at each other in disbelief  like did we really just do that?

What’s the meaning behind your single, “Your Song”?

“Your Song” is about a deep betrayal. Infidelity is a very hurting thing. It’s something I’ve experienced numerous of times and I found that each time it only hurts more. My self-esteem was damaged. I used writing as a way to re-empower myself. It was really the only way to get back to feeling like me.

Who are the music composers who helped you create Pieces of Me?

Pieces of Me featured Danny McBride and also Afro Keys. Danny is a dope musician, so of course I reached out to him to work on More of Me and sure enough, he’s got three songs placed. The other two are by Cymatiks who is also amazing and the musical composer of Your Song.

If you could give advice to other young women who’s trying to break into the music business, what advice would you give?

Always be yourself. Don’t give in or fold to make other people happy. You have one life here on Earth to live and you owe it to yourself to make it remarkable. We all deserve to be happy. I want my supporters to know that what makes me happy is making music for them. I put myself out there in the most honest ways because I know there’s things that people are going through that they cannot always be open about, so we hide our hurt or disappointment. Then comes me, imperfect and all, to tell you well, I’m a little crazy, a little messed up, a little dysfunctional, but I’m me and I’m still here. I’m still going and if I can, so can you.


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