Live Music Is Back

Sarah Stukalin

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 damaged the live music scene as we navigated a year of no in-person concerts, clubs, or music festivals. Live music became a thing of the past for an entire year, and many of us forgot the feeling of being in a room surrounded by a hundred strangers, feeling the vibrations of the music in your heartbeat, holding your barely charged phone in the air, and scream-singing the lyrics to your favorite song. There’s a sense of community brought about from attending concerts, and after an entire year of barely any social interaction, people are longing for that sense of community back in their lives.

With an increased vaccine rollout and a drastically lower amount of COVID cases, it’s time to bring back the live music, starting with festivals. There’s no better way to celebrate the ending of a global pandemic than packing twenty of your favorite artists into one weekend, and with artists practically itching to get back into live music, the festival schedule is sure to be packed. 

After fifteen months of a festival-less existence, Lollapalooza is ushering in the comeback of live music. The festival is expected to host 100,000 people in Chicago, with headliners such as Miley Cyrus, the Foo Fighters, Tyler, The Creator, and Post Malone

The festival is working hard to ensure safety for all concertgoers: all attendees of the festival must be either fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative COVID test with 24 hours of each day of the festival.

And while Lollapalooza is the first music festival in over a year, it will not be the last. Rolling Loud, Austin City Limits, Bonaroo, BottleRock, Firefly, Governors Ball, and more will be returning to the festival circuit. 

In addition to festivals, artists such as The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and Alicia Keys, and more are planning on touring in 2021.

With COVID restrictions loosening and more people getting vaccinated every day, it is sure to be a year of live music, festivals, and making up for lost time.