What’s Lorde Been Up To?

India McCarty

For the last four years, people all over the world have been asking one single question: where is Lorde’s next album? 


We still don’t know, but we’re one step closer; last week, Lorde dropped “Solar Power,” a mellow acoustic track that celebrates summer. She also confirmed there is a third album coming, also named Solar Power


While we wait for more music from everyone’s favorite elusive songstress, let’s take a look at what she’s been doing for the last four years. 

Went on Tour

Starting in September of 2017 and going until November 2018, Lorde toured the world with her second studio album Melodrama. The show contained performances of hits like “Green Light,” “Royals,” and “Perfect Places.” Opening acts included artists like Khalid, Run the Jewels and Mitski.

Went to Antarctica

In 2019, Lorde took a trip to Antarctica to see the effects of climate change firsthand. She has also published a book about her experiences there, complete with photographs. In an article the singer wrote for Metro magazine, she said, “being in Antarctica isn’t always fun, exactly. It’s so clearly not an environment fit for humans to inhabit. The sheer effort it takes me to stay alive for five days while the continent does its best to expel me is exhausting.”

Wrote a Book

Fans despaired of ever seeing this book with their own eyes; orders have been pushed back almost a year from their initial shipping date. However, in the last few days, many fans have gotten shipping notifications and even received the book. “Going South” documents Lorde’s trip to Antarctica, with photos taken by New Zealand photographer Harriet Were. All proceeds from the book sales will be used to fund a postgraduate scholarship created by Antarctica New Zealand.

Rated Onion Rings on Instagram

Sounds weird, right? But it’s true: Grammy-Award-winning pop superstar Lorde spent a lot of her free time over the last few years posting to onionringsworldwide, an Instagram account where she rated different onion rings from around the world. 


Fans had suspected she was behind the account for some time (she’s one of the few users the account follows), but she didn’t confirm it until a 2017 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


“I have to explain for a second, here’s the thing,” Lorde said. “I sort of naively didn’t realize that it would be a thing, that I was going to different places and trying the onion rings at each of those places … I feel like it reads like the kind of thing a popstar would do to look relatable, which I wasn’t! It was a funny thing with my friends on the tour and I was like, ‘This is a good pastime.'”

As you can see, she’s been pretty busy, so it makes sense that the new music is taking a little longer than we’d like. No word yet on when Solar Power is expected to drop, but in the meantime, we’ve got “Solar Power” and the hope that there’s more where that came from. 


Check it out here!