Main Character Playlist: The Soundtrack to Your Movie

Aiden Schwartz

In our day and age, it seems almost natural to grow up seeing our life through the lens of a movie. As children, we resonated with movies and applied what we observed in movies to how we perceived our daily experiences. I remember as a child I’d hear songs in my head that would serve as my soundtrack, always complimenting my emotions at the time. I saw myself as the main character in the movie of my life, and all the people around me were supporting actors.


Then, we grow up. Reality gets forced down our throats as we digest the sad truth that life is no movie. Lately, the internet has been retaliating against this. We’ve realized that this sensation of growing up feeling like you’re in a movie is a shared feeling many people experienced. We’ve realized that no matter how delusional it may be to pretend your life is a movie, that shouldn’t stop you from living your life with that mentality. Viewing yourself as the main character in your life’s movie is extremely beneficial for your mental health. You begin to see your value, care for yourself, encourage yourself to see friends, and make memories. 


Seek opportunities to be the main character. Drive down the freeway with your head out the sunroof, bike down a hill while watching the sunset, find somewhere to go cliff jumping. Now, when you are busy living your main character moments, you will not need to rely on your imagination to soundtrack these scenes in your life. We here at Traklife have made the perfect main character playlist for all of life’s most serotonin-inducing moments.


Classic feel-good bangers are featured throughout this playlist like Tongue Tied by Grouplove and Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure. Experience the perfect balance of nostalgic songs, and new songs to associate with new memories you create, featuring artists like Aries and Toastool. This playlist has the potential to be something that becomes nostalgic when you listen back to it years down the road after creating memories with these songs today. Make the Traklife Main Character playlist the soundtrack to YOUR MOVIE!