Mark W. Returns With Talking to Myself (Side B)

Dom Maiorca

The Meticulously Multitalented Mark W. is back with the B-Sides of Talking to Myself.  Released in January of this year, Talking to Myself Side A found Mark W. at his most introspective as he battles with positive and negative voices in his head.  Side B sees those voices return as we continue to journey through Mark W.’s head during a performance.  


Talking to Myself Side A focused on a happier tone while Mark coped with moments in the darkness of self-doubt.  “Side A is what goes on in my mind backstage, where the positive voice is dominant,” said the Inglewood native.  Mark has an open dialogue with these two conflicting perspectives over the course of the project, further emphasizing how the dueling sides go to war in his psyche.  Ultimately, Mark W.’s dialogue allows the positive voice to reign supreme.  


Side B switches up this narrative as the negative voice takes over.  The tone across the project is darker as Mark openly speaks on relationships (“Last Time”), the temptation of vices (“Grip Wheels”), and the importance of sticking to your roots (“Bare Roots”).  “On Side B we hear what’s going on in my mind in the front of the house, center stage,” he explains.  

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The album opens with Mark delivering his signature introduction before fading back into his mind, allowing the positive and negative voices to take center stage.  While on stage, Mark doesn’t have the chance to talk to these voices.  This allows self-doubt to take over and the recurring thoughts of “am I good enough?”  The nagging feeling of always having to be on point no matter the obstacle suffocates Mark, almost to the point of no return.  


Talking to Myself poses an interesting question: is there such a thing as working too hard?  The negative voice in Mark’s head consistently emphasizes the need to practice and work harder in order to get where he wants to be in life.  The positive voice wants to allow Mark a moment to reflect on how far he’s come and be proud of the career he’s built.  Will this push and pull ultimately break The Meticulously Multitalented?  His advice is simple: don’t panic, just balance.  


Talking to Myself Side B drops on Wednesday, August 18th on all streaming services.  Be sure to follow and support Mark W. on Instagram, Tiktok, and Bandcamp!  For more of the latest new music from Traklife, check out the Festival of the Lakes from Hammond, Indiana!