“Me Forever” – Single Review

India McCarty

Up and coming pop artist OSTON just dropped new single “Me Forever,” an upbeat anthem to being yourself because, as she puts it, “you can be you // but I gotta be me forever.” 


The song’s production is pure pop, with sharp drum machine beats and a relentlessly catchy synth melody playing underneath the verses and chorus. OSTON’s vocals have an Ariana Grande vibe as she balances soaring vocal lines with background “whoo”s and “yuh”s. 


The song is a product of the singer’s quarantine boredom. OSTON started a series on Instagram called “quarantunes,” where she challenged herself to create songs in a limited amount of time. Watch the recordings on her Instagram story; it’s an interesting look into the creative process. 


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9 HOURS!!!!💙☁️

A post shared by OSTON (@ostonmusic) on Oct 27, 2020 at 12:02pm PDT

“Me Forever” was one of those quarantunes, but OSTON liked the song so much, she decided to officially finish and release it.


“The whole idea behind the song is the concept of how people nowadays with social media and with computers are able to leave rude and nasty comments and then walk away from it, but you have to see that and live with that forever,” OSTON said in an interview with LSU’s The Reveille


OSTON’s upcoming EP, “Am I Talking Too Much?,” is set to drop next year. 


Check out “Me Forever” here!

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