Miscé Mix 034 Featuring DJ Kase

Lindsey Duz It

Check out this mix from Miscé, a community based platform, celebrating remixed music, art, and culture. A new mix is crafted by a different creative and presented every week. The most recent installment is brought to you by the talented DJ Kase – a Los Angeles based DJ and producer.


I met DJ Kase earlier this year at Raw Monday, a destination for DJs to show their skills, build with others, and have a good time. I quickly recognized her ear for selection and creativity at Raw on “Tribute Night”, where the DJ was to play a short set consisting of songs by only one artist. She chose Erykah Badu, and blew everyone away. It was not a competition, but if it was, I would’ve pinned her as the winner that night.


I wanted to know more about Kase’s beginnings with music to which she replied, 

“I got into producing in college because I received a MacBook for graduation and stumbled onto GarageBand. I taught myself how to record vocals over YouTube beats and quickly got tired of that. So I produce my own stuff. I started DJing when I went to parties and would just gravitate toward the DJ booth. I bought myself a tiny Hercules controller and learned from there. It’s been about 10 years since I started but 5 years since I’ve taken it seriously.”

Move your body to DJ Kase’s mix of funky blends and bouncy remixes of some of your favorite songs like “If You Love Me” by Brownstone and “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly & Maze on the Miscé Soundcloud page.


Treat yourself to some of DJ Kase’s edits on her Soundcloud and be sure to follow so you don’t miss any new uploads. Check it out below!