Miscé Mix 042 featuring NE1

Lindsey Duz It

NE1 is the talented DJ behind Miscé Mix 042. Enjoy this dope mix, and get to know this Edmonton based creative below!

NE1 is a seasoned DJ who also creates edits of his own. He has a passion for remix culture, and is pushing that culture whenever he can in his city of Edmonton, Albert, Canada. When it comes to creating mixes, he has one important requirement.


“My process with mixes is always centered around ensuring each track (and the transitions between) FEELS GOOD.”

When it comes to execution, NE1 prefers leaving any blemishes in as opposed to scrapping his recording and redoing it all over again to achieve a totally flawless mix.


“I usually do not want a mix to feel sudden or abrupt, but if it does (because I messed up a transition), I opt to leave it in there. I want to hear more DJs try for something outside of their comfort zone, have it not work and commit to transitioning out of it to the best of their ability. I think that the rebounds off of a bad transition or a bad blend always make for the best achievements and stories when it comes to mixing live or recording and it reminds us all that artists and DJs are human too – we are all forever students of the craft and culture.”

Outside of DJing and creating edits, NE1 recently graduated from a Digital Audio Program in his hometown, and has aspirations to try his hand at producing a full project, and song writing. Make sure you don’t miss out on any future projects! After you vibe out to his feel-good mix, follow NE1 on Instagram and music platforms here!