Miscé Mix 043 Featuring Wavy Jones

Lindsey Duz It

Residing in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Wavy Jones is the talented DJ and producer behind Miscé Mix 043.

Wavy started producing when he found FL Studio on his home computer. Later he would learn some music theory, playing piano and saxophone. In the summer of 2014, he used Traktor to mix his own beats, and then moved onto other records.

Sprinkling in a few of his own remixes, Wavy Jones brought a lot of different flavors to his Miscé Mix. The edits range from island vibes to jazzy bops to future sounds. When asked what goes into the selection process for his mixes, the KEY is key. He always mixes with keys that complement each other, and the end product is a wonderful audible journey.


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After you listen to Miscé Mix 043, be sure to check out Wavy Jones’ debut EP Sine Energy , which he recently released back in September.

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