Miscé Mix 045 Featuring JustPudge

Lindsey Duz It

We have the pleasure of having the very skilled JustPudge behind Miscé Mix 045. Enjoy this short and insightful Q&A with this witty and talented creative, and enjoy the dope, throwback jam filled mix at the link below.

Where are you based out of?

Somewhere in Los Angeles where noodles and boba are plentiful.

How long have you been DJing and producing, and how did you get started?

I got my start in ’99, most of my teen years I was hanging out with DJs. I grew up during the mobile era in the Bay Area, which was a very influential time for DJs in general. I witnessed my fair share of DJ battles and mobile gigs that were held at high school gyms and community halls at a young age. I would see the Invisibl Skratch Piklz perform one weekend, catch Z-Trip at a Zebra Records battle at another and go to a high school dance where my friends would DJ.


It wasn’t until I made the move from San Jose to San Diego during my senior year where I would take it more seriously. It was a weird and exciting time to get into DJing, a new product came into the DJ scene…Serato. 

What was your process when putting together this mix? What goes into song selection for you when you?

Remixes and covers are my thing, I love hearing what other people can come up with to make a classic sound brand new. I’m always looking for music, new and old. I’ll go through all my newest finds first, put ones I like aside and try to spark some kind of inspiration of where I want to take the listener. Once I get an idea of where to start, I’ll lay everything out in crates and run through the tracks that I have so far, from there I’ll add or take stuff out. I’ll keep running through everything to find spots in the songs of where to come in and out and/or see what I can do to add to it, “I can loop this part, drop an acapella, cut the loop at the chorus to bring in the original stem to transition into the next track” something like that. It’s an on going process cause you want to do so much to be different. With so many DJs out there you want to stand out.


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Any fun facts you’d like us to mention, or anything you’ve got going on that we can  promote?

For those of you asking me when I’m gonna be on Twitch…soon maybe? I didn’t wanna do a regular DJ stream from the jump, so, right now I’m currently writing treatments for potential shows. When I am on Twitch its usually a guest set like Motown On Mondays, Boom Bap Kids etc. 


These days I’m mainly focusing on the graphic design side of my life, self-care & once in a while I’ll make edits or remixes. Other than that, be safe, take care of each other and thank you for all the support. 

Enjoy listening to Miscé Mix 045 at the link below, and make sure to follow JustPudge on Instagram, Soundcloud, and especially Mixcloud where he posts all of his new mixes.