Miscé Mix 046 featuring Sef

Lindsey Duz It

Originally from Indiana, and now residing in the Bay Area, Sef is the DJ behind Miscé Mix 046. Loaded with a range of down tempo vibes, grimey edits, and spooky feels to zone out to, my ideal setting for listening to this mix would be a late night, casual drive on an empty highway.

Sef began making beats in high school, on a $100 beat machine. Making beats was a daily routine for him, and then he eventually he upgraded to an MPC and now Ableton. He then began DJing in college, with a plan in mind to play his own music at gigs. Unfortunately, his music wasn’t the same format as the college bar and club scene, but luckily he got to open for some artists that he admired, and it kept him on his grind.

I asked Sef how he goes about putting a mix like this together and he replied, “I have a lot of really dope music I’ve been saving to play out live but decided to go all out and throw a lot of them in this mix. Just wanted something I’d personally really enjoy listening to. And song selection is so big to me. If you not dancing or noddin’ your head to this, it’s not it. So I try to keep it exciting and fluid throughout.”

Sef is always working on new music, and recently reworked an old original song of his called “21 Deerpark Drive“. Though he has more edits on deck, his major goal is to start working with more underground and local r&b/hip hop artists on singles and full projects. He’s got big ambitions and is ready to share his craft with the world. Be sure to follow Sef on all platforms so you don’t miss any of his drops and new projects!