Miscé Mix 047 Featuring Just Babies

Lindsey Duz It

Just Babies is the special guest behind Miscé Mix 047. He hits us with a variety of different vibes and genres in this mix, from tropical vibes to backpack, boom bap type edits. Definitely a feel good ride to go along with these longer, sunnier Spring days. Read on to learn more about this talented Toronto based DJ and selector.

We have come across our fair share of unique DJ names, but Just Babies might just take the cake. I had to ask him the story behind his alias, to which he replied, “Funny thing. I wanted to come up with something different. I was stuck in rush hour traffic in downtown Toronto and noticed a local store with Just Babies in the name. The rest is history. People either love it or joke about it. Either way, it’s unique.”

Just Babies started DJing around 2010, doing weekly gigs at a friend’s bar in Toronto. He runs a multimedia platform that focuses on indie music, but DJing gave him the opportunity to play hip-hop and dance music. He felt it just made sense to continue pursuing it. “Sharing music with others, whatever it is, has always been very important to me. I’m fortunate enough to have held down weekly and monthly gigs over the last few years and that has given me further inspiration to create outside of the live DJ environment.”

“When quarantine started early last year, I had to reinvent myself. No more gigs. I wanted to stay relevant. I listen, download and buy edits almost every day. It’s insane really. I can typically get a feel for something very quickly when searching for new music. Currently, I’m sitting on a pretty big collection of edits, remixes, blends, mashups, originals etc. It’s so rad to see where genre culture has come over the last 10 years! That said, I typically do everything on the fly; whether it’s live or curating a mix at home. If I plan my mixes, it doesn’t ever work the way I want. Go with the flow. That’s me.”

As far as the future is concerned, this DJ is all about staying creative and connected. “I want to be involved with others who care about what they are creating; music and the visual art that surrounds it. I’ve been fortunate to work with some really amazing people and collectives.” Recently, he has done mixes with Global Bounce, CopyPaste and Hard Times Radio, and in the months to come, he’ll have mixes dropping with Infinite Beats Show and Mercury Landing. “Who knows what else is coming in the future, but I’m going to keep creating and sharing with others. During this pandemic, especially, it’s the best thing to do.”

Enjoy Miscé Mix 047, and be sure to follow Just Babies on all platforms to catch up on all of his mixes, and to be there when he drops new ones!

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