Miscé Mix 048 featuring Abstract Dre

Lindsey Duz It

Repping the 626, Abstract Dre is the talented DJ behind Miscé Mix 048. Read on to find out more about this SoCal creative, what she’s working on next, and her aspirations for the near future.

How long have you been DJing and how did you get your start?
I have been DJing for about 2 years now and the main reason I started is because of Soulection how they have been in my life continuously for 9 years. Finding Soulection when I was 16 definitely changed me in ways I only understand now. I also have such a love for music and I am very appreciative how music has always been here for me through the good and bad. I also have to thank my good friends who encouraged me to start I definitely wouldn’t be here without them! 
Speaking of Soulection, please tell us about your involvement with the brand and their Discord.
Well I’m mainly involved as fan but I definitely hope that changes! but being a moderator on their Discord is definitely an honor and I feel very lucky to be involved! I get to be apart of the best community on Discord! Being able to be have a creative input for the Soulection DJ Groovy Sets it’s such an amazing opportunity and I’m grateful that I was asked to be apart of the team, Huge Shoutout to the Soulection Discord Team!
I really enjoyed your mix! Do you have a particular process when putting mixes together? What goes into song selection for you?
My song selection is definitely based of my mood and how I’m feeling at the moment. Since I am always constantly digging on SoundCloud I always trying to include new tracks I find and it’s always fun to find that gem people haven’t heard yet. Particular with my last mix I was feeling very upbeat and with summer around the corner I wanted everyone to be dancing! I always try to include tracks from friends since we gotta support our producer homies!

What’s happening next for you?

I am working on a collab mix with my good friend Kevlar Rex definitely look out for that! Been working on some new things definitely look out for a new mix in June! Also more to come this summer since I’ll be finished with school and I’ll have more time for digging so well see what new music I can find! Also since things are opening back up out here in Los Angeles might been in some events definitely gotta follow me on Instagram for those updates! 

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