Miscé “Warped Tour” 2 Year Anniverary

Lindsey Duz It

Miscé is celebrating their 2 year anniversary, and the party is taking place virtually on every streamer’s favorite platform, Twitch. On Saturday, March 27th, they are having an all day event featuring 3 Miscé DJs, and 6 talented guest DJs from around the US and Canada.

The theme of this streaming musical event is an ode to the Warped Tour, the legendary traveling rock festival that spanned from coast to coast, featuring the best acts in punk and alternative rock music. Just like the tour, this Miscé celebration features DJs from different “stops” in the US and Canada, and the remixes, flips, and edits that will be playing all day are the literal “alternatives” to the original versions of those tracks.

The function kicks off at 1pm PST. This is a raid-style event, so be sure to check out the line-up to hop into the right channel at the right time. Follow Miscé on Twitch, and wish them a happy anniversary!