Music Videos that took ‘Dress Up’ To the Next Level

Madison Hunt

It’s officially spooky season! The start of October always leads to much anticipation of the nation’s favorite holiday, Halloween. Just because everyone, the old and young, have an excuse to dress up in a costume, eat as much candy as they want and live in a ‘kiddish spirit’ for one night. 



The first time dressing up in a costume is the first time your imagination can run wild. Exuberating everything that is your character; how they walk, how they talk, and especially how they act. It gives children the space to expand their thoughts and to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and it allows adults to channel that same expression. 


For the adults, you get to release all pressure and expectations from your day to day. And then given an excuse to later get free candy and party, it’s a dream come true! 


But because 2020 is bringing a strange twist to everything, there probably won’t be much trick or treating, and probably tighter restrictions on Halloween parties. But that shouldn’t stop you from living in the Halloween Spirit.  


We’ve seen countless artists take this to the next level. Artists across all genres use influences of movies, plays, and different decade fashion trends to push their creativity to the next level. 


By using costumes they put a familiar face to their song, and it grasps the listener more naturally. These are just a few artists that took their music video costumes to the next level: 


Michael Jackson made the best music videos of all time. Because each one took on an individual experience. But Remember the Time video is driven within the American’s database, using influences of Egyptian culture down to the costumes, the scenery, and most importantly the dance break.


Now Outkast didn’t pack no punches when it came to dressing up. But this music video was iconic not only in a cultural sense, but they transformed the image of hit musical Grease, and made it uniquely their own. This video will live down in history as transforming the way we look at hip-hop.


Iggy Azalea did a number by recreating the infamous Clueless. Using similar costumes, and scene settings she took this video to the next level. Giving all the necessary 90’s nostalgia from a time that seemed so simple, for characters like Cher of course. 


Thank U, Next was an iconic song on the lyrics alone. But adding in the music video made this the song of the year. She used the influences of classic rom-coms like Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30, and more down to the actors. It was an epic experience that drew in fans worldwide.