Need to Know – King Pari

Dom Maiorca

“It’s unseasonably warm and you’re not hungover, like, at all.  The public pool opens in ten minutes.  The pool is packed and everyone’s playing that game where you grease up a watermelon and try to catch it.”  King Pari’s bio on their uniquely colorful Bandcamp page reads like modern day folklore.  “The beers are seven dollars but you’ve got two cold Red Stripes in your backpack.  Some kid has a boombox and asks you what to put on.  You already know exactly what you’re choosing.”  The answer, of course, is King Pari. 


With an unmistakable vibe that feels like summer all year round, Minnesota’s King Pari combines the funk rock, 80’s synth pop, and neo-soul R&B elements of Minneapolis Sound through a fresh, more psychedelic lens – look no further than their debut single, “Sunshine,” released in 2019.

Behind the King Pari moniker is the duo of Cameron Kinghorn and DJ Stepmom, the latter of whom provides a dope B-sides remix to “Sunshine” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.  The duo has recently begun streaming shows from home on Instagram Live and Twitch as fans eagerly await the forthcoming MARY EP.  Working alongside artist Jake Huffcutt, King Pari interpolates brightly colored animations in their work, highlighting their good vibes only aesthetic.  


Listen to “Sunshine” on Apple Music and Spotify, and be sure to keep up with King Pari on Instagram and Bandcamp!