Don’t Sleep! Breakdown of Three New Albums Last Week You Can’t Miss

Aiden Schwartz

The Black Keys- Delta Kream


The Black Keys deliver an homage to blues-rock jam band concerts. Delta Kream displays The Black Keys jamming throughout this project, emulating the feeling of attending a concert. Lead singer Dan Auerbach gives his vocal cords a rest on this album, as the focus is on the band members communicating through their instruments. The Black Keys have always had their foot in the door of blues-rock, but on Delta Kream, we see the band fully embracing that hardware store theme song vibe that you might want to play in your muscle car or pick up truck. All the while, The Black Keys unapologetically perform and mix this project to feel like you are at a concert!


Although it’s looking like concerts will be coming back soon, The Black Keys put this album out for fans who think the return of concerts is not coming soon enough. The Black Keys capture pure magic in their studio performances that can only be compared to the energy at a well-performed concert. When The Black Keys tour next, the band will sure to be freestyle jamming on stage the similarly to their jams on this album, so don’t expect an exact recreation of this album on stage. Instead, expect a jam that goes into whatever direction the band may feel like going on stage.



PARIS TEXAS! PARIS TEXAS! PARIS TEXAS! GET HIP! Many artists as of late have pursued the route of genre-bending. However, it takes impeccable innovation for an artist to genre bend to such a degree that it is almost impossible to classify the artist’s song as any current genre.

South Central rap duo, Paris Texas does this like no other. Labeling Paris Texas as a rap duo does not deem them a hip-hop group, as rap is only part of their sound. Nonetheless, this project does feature a variety of hard hitting rap bangers. BOY ANONYMOUS starts out with three songs that range from ethereal cloud rap, to alternative pop-rap. However, Paris Texas is known for their more grunge aesthetics that is showcased in songs like “HEAVY METAL” and “FORCE OF HABIT.” Their amateur musicianship truly shows that there is beauty in imperfection. It seems almost accidental how Paris Texas creates blends of genres when they pair punk guitar chord progressions with funk basslines. The imperfect performances breed a charming human-like feel to the songs on this project. This is quite refreshing especially on groovier songs like “AREA CODE” where the unquantized bass brings a unique flair to what feels like an alt-pop dance song.


BOY ANONYMOUS is a project that can seriously influence the direction of both rock and rap if the project catches enough buzz. The ideas presented on this project are so unique yet so digestible, as they are presented in a short concise project that flows beautifully, thanks to the satisfying song transitions between each track. 


Jorja Smith- Be Right Back


Jorja Smith is able to exhibit her talented voice throughout this album. Her voice shines as it is surrounded by minimalist yet groovy and ethereal instrumentation. An album only comes around once every blue moon that leaves you utterly impressed by a vocalist’s raw talent. On Be Right Back, we see a singer/songwriter structure her songs around very modern production with RnB, Hip-Hop, Pop, and reggaeton elements. The intro “Addicted” starts us with atmospheric ascending arpeggiations and glitchy percussion that flows beautifully into the more rhythmic second track, “Gone,” backed with descending somber melodies.


This sets a precedent for the rising and falling sensation this album creates both emotionally and through the instrumentation. As the album continues, the instrumentation gradually gets more stripped back, and the lyrical content hits even harder painting vivid pictures of haunting emotions associated with love, loss, and growth. If you are looking to come away from an album genuinely impressed by a singer’s talent, then do not miss this one!