New Emerging Female R&B Artist: Kiana Lede

Deiana Abdel-Gadir

Need a break-up album? Kiana Lede takes the lead in creating the PERFECT bittersweet sound on her debut album, Kiki

Kiana Lede has made her mark on R&B listeners everywhere with her soft hues and sweet bliss on her 17 track album, which debuted early this year in April. The singer/songwriter is creating a lane of her own with her sentimental hora, and lyrics that relate to every heartbroken lover out there.

The Los Angeles based singer began her music career being discovered by Kidz Bop, which is a kid based music platform. As her vocals out shined others she eventually was selected as finalist and later winner of the KIDZ Star USA Grand Prize out of 45,000 others. A year later, after winning an RCA Records contest, she released her official first single, “Hey Chika”. She was even cast in season two of MTV’s Scream.

Shortly after leaving RCA Records, she signed with Republic Records and released her breakout song, “Ex”. In 2018, she released her debut album, Selfless, which soon sparked her name in the industry leading to various collaborations with other R&B stars. Her new album features are tasteful put and is sure to get you in the feels.

Her current album, Kiki describes the emotions, heartbreak, and tribulations of a troubling relationship with tracks like “Second Chances”, “Honest”, and “No Takebacks”. The romantic tunes mixed with her butterfly vocals are heaven to the ears of R&B lovers. Her passion within her lyrics suggest real pain and heartbreak that many listeners can resonate with.

“I’m too fuckin’ real to wear my heart up on my sleeve
Fuck that back and forth shit if I leave then I’ma leave
I’ma have you begging, have you pleading on your knees
Sayin’, “Kiana please, if you leave me I won’t sleep”
Now you feelin’ guilty, that’s your conscious
Can’t you tell a bitch is fed up with your nonsense
Thought we made a pact, so why you fuckin’ with your promise?
If I walk away from you then. boy, you better be cautious”

There is no stopping this powerhouse, who’s showed amazing promise with other singers in her lane.  Her song “Second Chances” which features 6lack, birthed the creation of other collaborations from Ari Lennox, Moneybagg Yo, and even a R&B newcomer, Lucky Daye.  Kiana Lede and Lucky Daye came as the Neo-Soul neebies as they released their single, “Forfeit” and even teased the release on her Twitter Live.

There’s’s one thing for sure, that Kiana Lede is on her way to the top of the charts. Don’t be surprised if she ends up on your favorite R&B legends track list. Her talents speak for itself, but her vocals flow ever so delicately to our souls. We can expect great things for the upcoming year, but for now we have Kiki enjoy.