[New Music] Tazz Majer – New Chick

’90’s R&B has everyone, including myself, reminiscent of the past and longing for that “sound” back. But there are quite a few artists who can hold a tune and give us a sound worth vibing to.  Tazz Majer‘s new single “New Chick”, is just that. An easy, laxed track, that’s easy to vibe to, as he coos over the mellowed beat. The song, produced by Scotty Music,  has a chill melodic tune you can coast to, with your new chick of course.  “New Chick” debuted on The Soul Vibe Show  this past Sunday and here’s how Tazz Majer described his new chick .

“She gotta be on her s**t, she gotta be able to handle her business.” he said  “Basically, not need me. That will make me want her even more.” he went on to say.

Tazz Majer plans on dropping a 2-part album series. The first album For the Moment is slated for release on June 13, 2017.  Until then, check out the his new track and let us know what you think.