New Single “Superpowerful” By Slenderbodies feat. Crooked Colours

Cameron DeFaria

There’s something so comforting about the radiant falsetto, groovy guitar riffs, island-like percussion, and bouncy sub bass riding underneath LA duo Slenderbodies’ new track “Superpowerful”, featuring Crooked Colours. Benji Cormack (left) and Max Vehuni (right) met while attending UCSC years back and bonded over the idea of creating “imaginative musical soundscapes” (according to Wonderland Magazine) within their songs. Well, they did just that with “Superpowerful”, evoking a sensually tropical wonderland that perfectly reflects the cover art that features the duo in a lush green setting holding two, if you will, sexually-charged papayas.


Crooked Colours’ debut album cover, “Perth”



Max and Benji were lucky enough, or perhaps vice versa, to co-write the tune with renowned Australian dance group “Crooked Colours” (pictured above), best known for their 2017 single “Flow” and 2019 album “Langata”. One might notice that Crooked Colours’ electronic background brings just enough to the table to complement Slenderbodies’ more-organic musical approach. Released on January 20th by Avant Garde/Island Records, “Superpowerful” (with Crooked Colours) is streaming everywhere! Check out the official lyric video below, and be sure to look out for more from the L.A.-based indie pop duo in the near future.


"Superpowerful" Official Lyric Video