[New Video] “Filthy” – Justin Timberlake

It’s been some time since America’s heartthrob dropped new music. I’m sure most of us are anticipating what the musical genius has been up to. When I first heard Justin Timberlake’s new funky track, “Filthy,” (produced by himself, Timbaland and Danja) I have to admit, it didn’t captivate me until after a couple more listens. Maybe it was until I watched the visual for it that finally convinced me that it wasn’t a terrible song. I almost felt like the track was trying too hard to be too “futuristic” sounding with the electronic sounds, but it made sense when I watched the music video. It almost reminded me of an episode that came out of Netflix’s sci-fi thriller, “Black Mirror,” (which I highly recommend you watch by the way). Anyways, I digress. JT’s video has a robot performing in front of an audience that he controls off to the side only to reveal a plot twist at the very end.

Timberlake has been hinting the release of his new album, “Man of the Woods” on his social media, set to release Feb. 2. He also just launched his upcoming tour dates.

Let us know how you like the song and video in the comments below. Love it or hate it?

Official Music Video directed by Mark Romanek Man Of The Woods.

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