New Video: Reason- “Kurupt”

When it comes to hip-hop, it’s safe to say each coast have had their reigning moments. But for some reason (no pun intended), comments or opinions about the state of west-coast hip-hop varies. However, there is one thing for certain, Los Angeles native Reason, is claiming the throne with his new track “Kurupt”. On the track,  Reason plays off Kurupt’s  famous line “Well, if Kurupt gave a f**k about a b***h, I’d always be broke”. The ’93 throwback song “Aint No Fun” features Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg and of course Kurupt.  When I asked Reason about the meaning of the song, he said he wants people to know that the west is more than “ratchet party music” . 

“We have more to offer, and I also want people to know that I’m here competing.”  Reason said.  The video features Reason and his crew in the night, with bats in their hands, as if they’re waiting for the next battle.  “The song  is aggressive, it’s coming right at you and letting everybody know, I think I’m the best” he said.  “I feel like everyone should feel that way and set up  and compete as rappers and stop putting out the same LA sound.” he went on to say.

The song has catchy metaphors and Reason’s confidence is evident, as he aggressively attacks the track lyrically. Reason is pushing this track for now, but is looking to drop his album early next month. Check out this new video above and drop a comment below.