New Video: T.I. – “Warzone”

Last week T.I. dropped his newest EP titled Us or Else, inspired by the continued deaths of black men at the hands of police. The bulk of this project raises awareness about police brutality and is very relevant to today’s issues.  

The video to Warzone – a track off the EP-  has powerful imagery. It reverses the roles of black and white Americans, giving us a new perspective on recent events. If you’re looking for a feel good video, this isn’t for you. Although the stories portrayed in this visual are familiar, the faces aren’t. The video, directed by Laurel Richardson, does a great job at making you feel uncomfortable.

The song in its entirety is more of an American history lesson, as he makes references to Eric Garner with the chorus “hands up, can’t breathe”. Like a few other celebrities, T.I. is speaking up about not only police brutality, but violence in the black community.

Check out the video and see if you can connect the dots.