Not ‘Game Ova’ for Tobi Lou

Singer, Rapper, Producer, and Songwriter Tobi Lou from Chicago is the next one to look out for this year. I consider him one of Soundcloud’s secret gems with over 16.4k followers along with his track, “Game Ova” with over 860k plays. The artist has a certain laid-back chill factor in his music, something I can vibe to on a regular with such smooth melody and easy-going lyrics. It might seem like I say this often, but I do hear a Chance the Rapper influence in his sound – a compliment in my book. Besides his awesome cartoon branding, we don’t know too much about Tobi YET, but I’m sure willing to find out! I’m confident that after you watch his “Game Ova” video below and listen to his music you’ll convert as a fan just like me. Tobi Lou’s game is just getting started! Excited to hear more from you!


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