One Trak Mind: Burning Fire

Stevenson Altidor

One of the easiest ways to reel me into a track is to have vocals of many people layered over each other to make a crowd. It’s so simple, yet it brings much-needed energy and fullness to any track when done right. So you could only imagine how “Burning Fire” By Camino captured my eardrums and soul.

Off his recently released EP Burning Fire, the title track is soulful and intimate. You hear the inflections of a man who is hurting without his soulmate. You hear his pain, the yearning for his loved one. It’s one of his defining traits as an artist. No matter what song, no matter the topic, you will feel something. A reminder that in this world of love, you’re not alone.

The drums have a pulse of their own, giving life to a narrator who feels like he doesn’t have one. Paired with a choir to take us to the heavens and keys provide a floor. Gradually rising throughout the verse and becoming a vital component of the chorus.

Camino is vulnerable in his verse. He dedicated this song to his Aunt Peggy and Uncle Wallace and their love. United to start, Camino’s vocals and the choir turns into a call and response is a sight to behold. With both parties reaching their apex in the hook before crashing down to sing heart churning verse.

Love songs will be here forever. But you and I will never get tired of them. The more personal the tale is, the deeper the bond with the listeners grows. For the artist, music is another form of escaping past experiences. On the other hand, the listeners take in those stories and hold them like a mirror to our lives.