Otis Kane ‘One Up’ Video Review

Madison Hunt

Otis Kane isn’t a familiar name, but you’ve heard all the people that he’s worked with. This L.A. native opened his own studio to music icons from Nick Jonas to Wiz Khalifa, but now he’s stepping out on his own.


For the first time, Kane is making music for himself, he’s recently released his debut album ‘Therapy’, what shines through his work is his production skills. Because he’s worked with some of the greats, it wasn’t a question if he could transfer those skills, but in what ways he was going to do it.


And with his feature “One Up” ft Samaria we can definitely see it. Even though it’s a soft, nostalgic vibe, most listeners will still be able to resonate with. 


Particularly my fascination for this record started with Samaria, I’ve been hooked since hearing “Foolish” scrolling through Spotify love-themed playlists. Samaria taps into an emotional persona, a soul that can paint the picture of numerous perspectives but will always relate back to whoever is listening.

And this feature was no different. It’s an honest vibe, that correlates to the tune of the lyrics. Visually it’s a synopsis of the story, a bunch of close snippets of scenes all morphed together to tell you a simple, yet dynamic story. A love story. 


Even though you can’t see Samaria, her voice narrates the video. It sets the tone for the video, giving her an omnipresence within this video. She’s not there, but audio makes her a focal point of the story. 


But the story is really in the lyrics, “I show you what it means to be loved/ Give you all of me/ I know you want it.”


Kane doesn’t have a huge part in this song, but he was the face. His short lyric was quick, and to the point. But I think that was his point. 


Being a producer he’s found the balance in layered vocals, and audio that will strike the listener. And Samaria’s voice brings this visual experience to life.


Check out the video below!