PaperWater coming soon to Traklife LIVE

Representing Miami, Florida, PaperWater is a DJ duo holding down the eclectic urban scene with their musical taste and talent.  With their curation of hip-hop and future soul, they’re reviving their podcast onto the Traklife Platform.  Stay tuned for broadcast details on Traklife LIVE.



Paperwater is the byproduct of two talented aspiring artists with a shared passion. Comprised of longtime friends and fellow producers Eddy Samy and Daygee Kwia, the outfit has a history steeped in music.

The son of a known painter, Eddy was exposed to the creative process at a young age and would often play music while his mother painted. His passion for music evolved into a passion for DJing in high school, where he met Daygee. A master at reading crowds and building memorable sets, Eddy has toured internationally.

Daygee’s youth followed a similar path, with emphasis on the production side. A classically trained pianist, he spent several years as a member of Afterthesmoke during which he honed his production skill set. He has received recognition from Vice Magazine, Warner Bros. and Forbes Magazine for his work.

Together, their combined skills of production and performance have made the duo a force to be reckoned with in the musical community. They’ve released work through Dim Mak and Warner Bros. Records. But the journey doesn’t end there – Paperwater aspires to leave its mark on the world through what they consider to be their primary motivation and responsibility to others: creating and sharing music that pushes the envelope and challenges people’s notions of how certain genres should or shouldn’t sound.

To Eddy and Daygee, music does not belong in a box, neatly labeled and filed away under the appropriate Beatport genre tab. To Paperwater, music is universal and constantly evolving. Like them, it should be allowed to test limits and change perspectives.

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  1. Cristian

    i love paperwater. Can’t wait for the live stream