Posthumous Albums To Honor The Greats

Sarah Stukalin

Sadly, the music industry has lost many of its greatest artists far too soon. However, while these artists may no longer be with us, their families and record companies honor them by releasing posthumous albums of their unreleased albums, or projects they were working on before their untimely death. These albums often connect with us in deeper ways and open us as listeners up to the struggles of the artists before they passed. Here are three posthumous albums to honor the greats. 

Circles – Mac Miller 


Mac Miller’s death in 2018 rocked not just the music industry, but the world. Mac was known to be a positive light and a genuinely good person. His spirit is shown through his music constantly, and while he was fighting his demons, he gave his listeners the courage to face theirs. Shortly after his death, his family and record label decided to release Circles, a beautiful album in which Miller bares himself to his listeners. Circles is different than any other project he has put out, but that does not mean it is any less special. Circles is an album of love and loss, pain and heartbreak, and of verbalizing feelings that are often stigmatized. Mac Miller’s memory is forever ingrained into every note and every lyric, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Dreaming of You – Selena


Another amazing talent gone too soon, Selena’s life was cut short in 1995, but her legacy lives on through her music. Dreaming of You is a wonderful album, with a brilliant title track. Selena sings “Wonder if you ever see me / And I wonder if you know I’m there / If you looked in my eyes / Would you see what’s inside? Would you even care?” Not only are these lyrics heartbreaking, but they are a testament to Selena’s beautiful and romantic songwriting: her ability to make the listener feel like the only person in the room, and that they have a personal relationship with her. Selena is now known as the queen of Tejano music, and if the billboards and murals painted across Texas aren’t a great enough reminder of her legacy, we have an amazing discography to remember her by. 

Lioness: Hidden Treasures – Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse passed away tragically in 2011, but her immense talent will never be forgotten. Lioness: Hidden Treasures, was a project released posthumously that culminated in many of her greatest works, including a beautiful cover of Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You.” Winehouse’s raspy and bluesy voice is a unique gem, and I am grateful we have a large catalog of albums and amazing hits to remember her by.

These are just a few albums released posthumously. What is your favorite album released after an artist’s death? How does it honor their legacy?