Powerhouse Artists Breaking Barriers in the Queer Community

Madison Hunt

Even though Pride Month is coming to close, the music never stops. The LGBTQIA community is home to many talented, creative artists that use their personal experiences to uncover the beauty within the queer community. These artists have done their due diligence by using their platform to advocate for their pride, and it’s a sight to see!


Madison Rose, is an artist to watch. Based in LA, she’s built a career around inclusivity, resonating with numerous audiences but specifically the LGBTQIA community. Rose’ music is the perfect blend of Pop/R&B with influences of drag culture. Her upbeat tempos, and vibrant colors aligned with her music is very underrated. She has created a platform open to all, and most importantly judgment-free. Her latest song, ‘Rainbow Phone’, is a testament to her message to uplift, and strive for greatness in individuality and freedom.


Cakes Da Killa has been in the music scene for some time now. Rightfully so he has no problem thriving in the music industry. Brooklyn based Killa is known for his tongue-twister lyrics, upbeat tempos, and a flow that is naturally unmatched. He recently released his latest single, “Don Dada” ft. Proper Villains, and he uniquely used references to ballroom culture. Killa has an EP coming out later this year.


Serpentwithfeet is a soul artist. Baltimore bred, he used his own experiences to paint a picture of queer love through his latest EP, “Appartion.” This three-song EP effortlessly illuminates the trials and tribulations of being in love, and he does it so eloquently. His voice is soulfully trained, which creates a unique sound the industry has yet to see.


Backxwash is a transgender hiphop artist from Montreal, Canada. She recently released her latest album, “God Has Nothing to Do With This So Leave Him Out of It.” Known for her unsealed, raw lyrics she has broken down barriers within the music industry. She combines metal and rap that transcend into a unique sound. Her lyrics correlate to her experiences growing up and defining exactly who she is. Backxwash’s style is sometimes difficult to listen to, but absolutely necessary. Lyrically she does her music justice, by holding absolutely nothing back. Her documentation in her latest album introduces the listener to an authentic sound.