Punk Poses RANKED, Pt 1

Rachael Sanders

A picture speaks a thousand words. Thus, posing at punk shows says a lot about your personality. Every pose is punk rock as h*ck, and each must be recognized for their  individuality. Here’s a cumulative list of punk poses and why they’re awesome

The Power Pose

Overall Score: 8/10

+ teamwork

+normalizing platonic hand holding

+ friendship

– germs

-ow, my knees

The “Hard AF” Pose

Overall Score: 7/10

+ show off that jawline, bean

+ ((double bass on the drums))

+ aggressive

– aggressive

The Snarl

Overall Score: 7/10

+ Ironic

+ Throwback metal

– I don’t want to be here attitude


The Prayer

Overall Score: 100000/10

+ Honor the church of punk

+ Blasphemous

–  there is no negative

Peace Sign Over Face

Overall Score:  6/10

+ Cover up the ugly

+ Classic

–  what do I do with my hands??

–  cop out pose

– basic

The “Kneel + fist”

Overall Score:  10/10

+ Always at the front of the picture

+ Harder than the prayer

–  what does that pose even mean??

–  fire bender tribe